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Hi, I’m Scott Wilson. I was born in Winnipeg in Canada and studied Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria in British Columbia Canada. My career has taken me to Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Sumitomo in Japan, IMEC in Belgium and RealNetworks & Amazon in Seattle.

I’m passionate about software testing so I’ve started my Software Testing blog which also includes some Random Stuff. My topics will be simple but I think provide a good building block for building solid test automation. After being laid off after 15+ years at RealNetworks in November 2015, I interviewed around for my next opportunity. These same topics I plan to discuss in my blog did well for me in interviews. At one company, I had a principal engineer interviewing me pull out his phone camera to take photos of my technical diagrams. He showed me their test automation code and I saw the very same mistakes that I’d seen at my previous company. I was interviewing for a Data Science role at another company when the CTO interrupted the interview so he could have a couple of his Selenium UI testers come in to pick my brain. Thank you to Cord, Pragya & Craig for giving me something that was “pick brain worthy”.

Test automation is sometimes considered “the easy part” of quality assurance which encompasses so much more than writing a framework and test coverage. But I’ve seen some very experienced professionals make some basic mistakes so I was motivated to start blogging. For example, a highly educated senior software engineer with a fancy title was guilty of writing test coverage that always evaluated to “null == null” and therefore didn’t actually provide any useful coverage. After a re-org, I had inherited a project with a fancy diagram showing deep test coverage and a fantastic pass rate (see diagram #1). After I poked under the covers I discovered 400 test cases were not setting up any data and the validator was skipping these results, therefore three highly paid professionals had spent the good part of one year writing those 400 “do nothing” test cases. After I modified the data generator to throw an exception when it was difficult to setup data required for the test. I would have preferred those three people to spend that time figuring out how to setup those difficult scenarios and perhaps bang out 5-10 useful test cases rather than 400 do nothing test cases.

My blog has characters. I like to personify and use metaphors for concepts. I like to make software testing fun. I had purchased a Black Friday kind of deal at 99 Designs to create my images. I probably went a bit overboard with my characters but it was part of the package deal so I maximized it! I plan to publish 2-3 posts per month in the Software Testing, Fun4Kidz and other random categories – so come on back every month!

Outside of software testing, I enjoy scuba diving, ice hockey, crossfit, caving and once in awhile some adventure sports like zip lining, spartan races & challenge courses.

Look me up and connect with me on social media here.

Thank you to my friends, colleagues & mentors. A special thank you to my step mother Marlene (a.k.a. Mar, a.k.a. Grandma Dude) for helping me get my blog off the ground.

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